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Uses widespread chronic pain in muscles and is identified by the finding of multiple 'tender points' at specific sites in the body. For years the debate has raged as to whether it is a physical disease affecting the muscles, or whether it is an emotional disorder. cheap viagra free shipping The prevailing view is that it is probably some form of distress signal that can arise in people with a number of different and unrelated conditions. How this relates to hypermobility is that it has been shown that hypermobility and fibromyalgia occur together in the same person more often than one would expect on the basis of a chance happening. It does not mean that they are part of the same condition. viagra free trial new zealand It would, indeed be very unlikely that what is clearly an acquired disorder (fibromyalgia) could be an integral part of what is clearly a genetic one (hms/eds). cheap generic viagra More likely, the fibromyalgia should be regarded as a signal emanating from a distressed hms/eds person. But fibromyalgia occurs only uncommonly in the hms/eds. We must look further afield. It seems quite likely that there may be a totally different explanation for the burden of pain borne by people with the hms/eds. Here are two clues: the first clue relates to the sense called proprioception, which means knowing where parts of one's body are in space. wo kann ich viagra online bestellen If you close your eyes and somebody bends your finger for you or picks your arm up, you know immediately how far your finger is bent or where your arm now is. viagra no prescription That is because you have good proprioception. Scientists have shown that people with the hms/eds are not quite as good as other people in knowing exactly where their fingers or arms etc are in space. This could lead to a further increase in the risk of injury. The second clue is the discovery that patients with the hms/eds for some reason do not appear to experience the full anaesthetic affect of lignocaine injections when these are given for dental purposes, minor surgery or for epidural anaesthesia (i wonder how many readers are nodding their heads as they read this! buy generic viagra online ). At the present time we do not know quite what either of these clues means or whether they relate to one another. But they do suggest that people with the hms/eds, in addition to their proneness to injury, dislocation and osteoarthritis, may also have a fault in the way their pain signals are picked up for onward transmission to the brain, where they reach conciousness. viagra pills Research work is in progress to try to sort out this enigma. viagra viagra viagra offers Much more needs to be done. Watch this space! Readers will know that many conventional methods of treatment, of the kind offered for rheumatic complaints in general, are not particularly helpful in the hms/eds. Physiotherapy still carries the best prospect for pain relief, and it is encouragi. viagra online without prescription